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The dedication and devotion of our members, to adhere to the strict guidelines it takes to develop a new breed, are to be commended. It has not been an easy road, but the rewards have been monumental. They have taken the responsibility of the parent club to preserve and protect the breed, very seriously.
Our concerns lie with the betterment of the Biewer breed through our involvement in programs that can educate us on what the Biewer Terrier is and how to better develop it. Our continuous research and study of the Biewer Terrier's genetic make-up better equips us to breed to a standard that is uniquely the Biewer Terrier. We can also achieve a better understanding of the possible health issues which may be associated with the Biewer Terrier and strive to alleviate them before they occur. 

It is with great pride that the Biewer Terrier Club of America, Inc. "BTCA, Inc." announces the acceptance of the Biewer Terrier into the FSS,  Foundation Stock Service Program of the AKC;  AKC April Minutes

This is a time of tremendous joy and honor for the members of the BTCA. We are also extremely grateful to Mars Veterinary for their foresight in recognizing a distinct breed and the extensive research they conducted in distinguishing the Biewer Terrier as a separate, purebred dog. Science at its best!

We will be working closely with AKC while making the transition into the FSS. AKC will only be accepting BTRA registered dogs, as it is the only purebred Biewer Terrier registry in America. The requirements are posted here on our BT Registry Page and on the BTRA website in order to assist all those wishing to have their Biewers registered with BTRA. The protocol that has been in place for years, for anyone seeking to register their purebred dogs with BTRA, will remain the same.

If you are interested in being a participant in the development of the purebred BIEWER TERRIER, we will do all we can to guide you through the Biewer Terrier registration process. We will also be available, at any time, to answer any and all questions that may arise during your registration. Please contact

For answers to frequently asked questions, please visit our Question and Answers page. If you have a question that has not been answered please email us and we'll answer it as soon as possible.
Developing the Biewer Terrier

The members of the BTCA, Inc. have always shared the dream of Mr. and Mrs. Biewer, of one day seeing the Biewer Terrier gain recognition worldwide as a breed of its own. Due to our dedication and diligence, this dream has been fulfilled. Firsthand knowledge of this dream was obtained by Gayle Pruett and Deb Sidle when they traveled to Germany and met personally with Mrs. Biewer, something no one else in America has ever done. Over the years Gayle developed a friendship with Mrs. Biewer in which many of Mrs. Biewer’s aspirations were shared. Their friendship flourished into a lasting relationship until Mrs. Biewer’s passing in October 2012. Thankfully, Mrs. Biewer was able to see the Biewer Terrier accepted in South Africa and Brazil, before her passing. We know that she, along with her husband, is smiling down on us over the achievement of our acceptance into AKC/FSS.

How were we able to make this dream come true?
We would have to prove that the Biewer Terrier was a distinct breed of its own and not a mutt, (mix breed) or just the mixing of two breeds often referred to as a designer breed. Myrna Torres and Gayle Pruett set up a testing program with Mars Veterinary to evaluate the Biewer Terrier, which resulted in an intense genetic study that would distinguish the Biewer Terrier as a purebred and develop a marker for the purebred Biewer Terrier. This study consisted of EVERY blood line from first generations German dogs AND dogs born here in America. It was a very thorough and meticulous test; where no dog was left behind. Since there were so many inconsistencies in the pedigrees of the dogs coming from Germany, we knew we would have to rely on science for the truth. THIS SHOULD DISPELL THE RUMOR THAT, ONLY BTCA, INC. DOGS WERE TESTED OR THAT IT WAS MERELY A REGIONAL TEST.

TO ASSURE NEUTRALITY, AN OUTSIDE REGISTRY SERVICE WAS HIRED TO RUN BTRA (Biewer Terrier Registry of America), in order to eliminate any possibility or question of document tampering; DNA profiling was and is, strictly required on all breeding dogs. THIS TYPE OF DNA TESTING IS USED SOLELY FOR THE PROOF OF PARENTAGE AND AUTHENTICITY OF THE PRODIGY. It does not, however, mean you have a purebred dog, preserve gene pools, nor does it have anything to do with the health of your dog. BTRA consequently ceased to accept outside registrations due to the falsifying of documents and lack of DNA profiling by these outside registries. Knowing that there were still purebred Biewer Terriers being registered through other registries, a protocol was set up for these dogs to gain BTRA registrations, which can be viewed at the BTRA website or our registry page.

Developing a Standard
A standard had to be written that best fit the breed; the standard Mr. and Mrs. Biewer originally signed was for a Yorkshire Terrier that was predominantly white, no black and a docked tail Well, that certainly did not fit the breed, so again, Mrs. Biewer was consulted. She agreed that the standard we developed was the best fit for the breed and signed it as the official breed standard. She said, “We knew the standard would need changes as we further developed the breed”, she then pointed out her beloved SiSi as an example of what they were aiming for, White, Black and Tan/Gold. 

AKC Accepts the Biewer Terrier into FSS April 2014.
This is a HUGE accomplishment for us, as AKC has recognized the Biewer Terrier as a purebred dog and not a mutt. With the research and studies conducted by the BTCA, Inc., other breed clubs worldwide, that have an FCI affiliation and working with the BTCA, Inc., have managed to obtain, in their country, acceptance of the Biewer Terrier. NO OTHER CLUB HAS CONDUCTED OR PARTICIPATED IN ANY STUDIES OR RESEARCH PROJECTS ON THE BIEWER TERRIER. No other club has had a relationship with the co-originator of the breed; therefore they have no true knowledge of the history or goals of the Biewers and their breed. There is NO OTHER CLUB IN AMERICA BREEDING TRUE BIEWERS ACCORDING TO THE STANDARDS AND GOALS OF MR. AND MRS. BIEWER. 

AKC accepted registry.
BTRA, Biewer Terrier Registry of America, are the ONLY registrations the AKC will accept for application into the FSS. BTRA is the only PUREBRED BIEWER TERRIER registry in America; therefore no other Biewer registry will ever qualify for acceptance. It is not about blood lines, it is about the integrity of the organization, as AKC relies on a registry for accuracy in the keeping of records and pedigree data. There are no other registries in America that have any blood lines that are essential to further our breed, as our members have acquired dogs from just about every kennel in Germany.  

Several lines coming from the other registries are totally unacceptable as they come from kennels known for mixing breeds and as a result, are producing Biros and Golddusts, something not seen in the BTCA members’ lines. These registries continue to allow these dogs to be bred, behavior that BTRA will not tolerate. They have accepted registrations from foreign registries, known for issuing registrations on various Yorkshire Terrier mixes and Biewer mixes, which may explain why they are producing so many off colored dogs.  
In order to show with AKC/FSS it is necessary to have your dog registered with the AKC/FSS. If you seek to register with AKC/FSS you will be required to have a BTRA registration. To register with BTRA, you will need to meet the criteria to prove you have a purebred Biewer Terrier.

Name approved by Mrs. Biewer.
Biewer Terrier was the only name that Mrs. Biewer found acceptable for HER breed. The BBCA clearly states that, it is a Yorkshire Terrier that drifted into a new breed because of the piebald gene and to “not recognize this heritage would be a great disrespect” to the Biewers, who worked so hard to develop them. Now they seek to totally remove the “terrier” from the name of the breed. In actuality, this would be the “greatest disrespect ever” and completely inaccurate; to say the least. There are many terriers that are companion dogs and lap dogs, along with their regular terrier duties. That’s the great characteristic about our breed; they are multi-talented. With their astounding agility, they can hunt, swim, maneuver an obstacle course, guard the house, sit on your lap and love everybody in the neighborhood.
SiSi & Mrs. Biewer
Congratulations to "Outlaw" who in now AKC/FSS registered. 
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Developing a new breed takes the dedication and love of serious breeders. Gayle Pruett and Mryna Torres together wrote a nice little article they would like to share explaining what it takes to develop a new breed. "Developing a New Breed".
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